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We are a law firm of experts in immigration law, and international civil and criminal law

We offer a comprehensive legal advice service to companies and individuals in administrative proceedings and before the Courts.

We have a team of lawyers specialized in immigration law, private international law and criminal law.

Our work is based on protecting the interests of our customers with the commitment of efficiency in the provision of our services, close relationship with our customers and total clarity..

If you are a foreigner and you need the services of a foreigner lawyer for the processing of work and / or residence permits, renewal of residence, long-term residence, nationality, visas, immigration resources, resources for denial of nationality and visas, approval of foreign sentences, marriages, extradition, or expulsion files, do not hesitate to contact us..


Civil law:
  • judicial approval of custody agreements;
  • homologation of foreign sentences in Spain;
  • claims for damages;
  • quantity claims.
Criminal law:
  • drug traffic;
  • euroorder and extradition;
  • assistance in foreigners admission procedures at CIE;
  • traffic offenses;
  • replacement of judicial expulsion in criminal matters for foreigners;
Procedures in Brazil
  • homologation of foreign sentences;
  • divorce in Brazil;
  • ​​
  • civil registration rectification;
  • ​​
  • custody procedure.
​Spanish nationality:
  • nationality by residence;
  • nationality by investment;
  • nationality by nature letter;
  • consular procedures.
  • nationality of origin;
  • nationality by possession of State;
  • nationality by option;
  • loss, conservation and recovery of Spanish nationality.
Nationality in Italy
  • nationality by descent;
  • nationality by marriage;
  • nationality by naturalization;
  • Consular procedures;
  • recognition of paternity and maternity
Portuguese nationality
  • original nationality;
  • derived nationality;
  • nationality by investment.
International right:
  • homologations of foreign judgments in different fields;
  • European enforcement of judicial decisions in the regulatory field;
  • international transfer of the dead;
  • equivalence in international social security agreements;
  • international legal cooperation in civil and criminal proceedings
​Document management and administrative procedures:
  • cancellation of criminal and police records;
  • brazilian certificates;
  • spanish certificates (birth, marriage, death, schoolchildren, etc.);
  • consular procedures;
  • preventive measure or removal request for individuals affected by a Red Notice.
  • spanish nationality by residence;
  • files for marriage in Spain;
  • sanctioning procedures;
  • claims in disciplinary proceedings, ordinary and preferential;
  • administrative and judicial appeals against expulsion decisions;
  • revocation of expulsion orders in force;
  • police station assistance;
  • denial of entry into airports;
  • investor visa in Spain.
  • processing of residence permits (retirees, relatives of Spaniards and community members, relatives of residents, family reunification, reside and work in Spain, visas for Spain, family roots, social roots, renewal of cards, residence minors, modification of residence permits , long-term residence, student cards, etc);

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